Know your Condiments

January 23, 2018
Chimichurri Sauce
Today I take a dive into condiments. Let's take a look at what is trending and how you can incorporate some of these sauces into your menu planning routine!
Remoulade. Have you heard of this sauce before? If not, it is a mixture of mayonnaise, mustard, capers, gherkins (pickle), anchovies and herbs. Traditionally found on sandwiches by also accompanying shrimp or crab.
Chimichurri. This is thick and spicy Argentinian sauce. It is made from green herbs, cilantro, parsley, cayenne and black pepper. It can be hot so watch out. You can find this sauce with grilled meats or pasta.
Gochujang. Another thick and spicy sauce, this is traditionally made with red chili bean paste, dried chilies and fermented soybeans. This sauce is found in many Korean dishes.
Ketchup. We all know and love ketchup. This is a popular favorite with burgers and of course fries. Watch out for added sugars in your ketchup. You may be consuming more sugar than you thought.
Mustard. Again another crowd pleaser. Mustard can literally be put on anything. You can go with the very traditional Yellow American style mustard or spice things up a bit and enjoy a tangy Dijon or spicy brown. Mustard is made from finely ground mustard plus water wine or vinegar and spices.
Wasabi. Most of us know wasabi because it accompanies our sushi. Traditional wasabi is made from the Japanese horseradish root. The version that is served in the U.S. is usually not true wasabi. Instead, it is a mix of horseradish, mustard, and food coloring.
Sweet Chili Sauce. This dipping sauce is made with sugar, red chillies, vinegar, and garlic. You can find this dipping sauce with spring rolls or use it for grilled chicken or fish.
Harissa. This bold flavored sauce gets its heat from hot chilies and it’s rich flavor from cumin, coriander, and caraway. This red sauce is paired with couscous dishes. But you will find this sauce rubbed on chicken and other meats in the dining commons.
Yeast Paste. What is this? Have you heard of Vegemite? This popular paste in Australia is a dark brown salty paste made from yeast extract. If you dare to try it enjoy it with your morning toast.

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