Know you Egg Claim

June 5, 2015
Egg Carton

What kind of eggs do you normally buy? Cage Free, Organic, Hormone Free, or maybe a combination of all three? Well the fact is that not all claims are created equal.  Some egg claims are actually certified by an independent organization. For other claims you would have to trust the hen’s owners and other claims mean nothing.
Let’s take a look.

Certified Claims
• USDA Organic: Hens must be un-caged and have outdoor access (time outside is not specified). The hen is fed an organic, all-vegetarian diet, and also must be free of antibiotics and pesticides.
• Certified Humane: Hens must be un-caged and they might have access to the outdoors.

Uncertified Claims
• Cage Free: Hens live outside of cages, but usually are without access to the outdoors.
• Free Range or Free Roaming: Hens are cage free and have some outdoor access – the amount varies.
• Pastured Raised or Pastured.:The hen spends sometime outside foraging for plants.
• Raised without Antibiotics. Hens were never fed antibiotics. If for some reason the hen requires antibiotics the claim can no longer be used.

Meaningless Claims
• Hormone-Free: It is illegal for egg producers to feed hormones to their hens.
• Natural: There is not defined definition so this can mean anything.

Depending on your personal preference hopefully you know have a better understanding of what is written on the outside of you egg box. Marketing is clearly very influential but now you have the tools to make the decision you want.

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