Health Classes offered at UCSB

February 22, 2019
Greetings! Today's blog post is written by Environmental Intern Jasmine Jefferies! Enjoy.
If you are looking for classes about nutrition or well-being, the Department of Exercise & Sport Studies (ESS) here at UCSB offers several education and physical activity classes. Whether you need a break from major courses or are just interested in exercises/nutrition studies, there is a class for you. These classes can provide you with skills that can last a lifetime and help you become aware of your body and all the amazing things it is capable of! Here are just a few classes to consider:
Education (ESS)
ESS 3 (Nutrition for Health): This is the most popular class the department has to offer. It covers the relationship between diet, health, and disease. You’ll learn about general nutrition guidelines, diet, and food selection. This class is unique because you get a chance to analyze your own diet, which is important because it allows you to take a closer look at the foods you eat and the impact they may have on your health! From this analysis, you can see what you are doing well and what you need to work on, and based on that info, you can adjust the foods you consume and create new healthy habits! Many students are shocked by what they consume because they never really get a chance to analyze the exact foods they eat. 
ESS 2 (Substance Use & Sport Nutrition): This class analyzes nutrients and substances and focuses on the effects they have on performance. Topics covered include basic nutrition guidelines, nutrition based on pre- and post-exercise, eating for weight control, proper hydration, and drugs that are commonly abused. 
ESS 131 (Sport & Exercise Psychology): This course studies people and their behavior while participating in sports and/or exercise. Students will be able to examine both individual and group performance. They will be able to do this by applying data and skills from the study of psychology, among other fields. Later in the class, they will look into the future and review the fast-evolving field of sports psychology. 
ESS 150 (Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries): As you may gather from the class title, students will examine the fundamental factors of human movement as it relates to aging, sports, and exercise. This class is heavily based on the anatomy of the human body; students will learn about connective tissues, muscles and the overall structure of the body. The focus is based on injury due to training, environment, equipment, and biology. This class is also great because it introduces applications to help treat and rehabilitate injuries. 
Physical Activity (Exercise Sport)
There are a wide variety of physical activity classes to take each quarter. This is a great chance to step outside the box and try something new, make new friends, and find a workout that you enjoy. Most courses have a beginner, intermediate, and advanced level so you can feel comfortable with the activity no matter where you are on your own fitness journey. Some of the class offerings include: soccer, tennis, water polo, weight training, volleyball, track, swimming, jogging, gymnastics, tumbling, golf, ballroom dance, yoga, and so much more. Scroll through GOLD to find something that works for you!
* All information obtained from GOLD 

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