Green Monday

January 4, 2016
Three Mondays each quarter, one dining commons will serve only vegetarian meals for the day. We call this event Green Monday. Residential Dining adopted Green Monday from the Meatless Monday campaign from The Johns Hopkins Meatless Monday Project and has been successfully running this event since 2009. Why do we do it you ask? The dining commons are committed to providing students with sustainable and healthy foods. By giving up meat, we are not only improving our environment but also our health. Below are 6 compelling reasons to jump on board to this mission!
1. Green Monday can help you live longer
Studies have shown that cutting back your meat intake and including more plant-based foods into your diet can bring about significant benefits that may increase your life. Taking meat out of your diet just once a week can make a difference!
2. Green Monday sets you up for a successful and healthy week
Monday is a day that will set the tone for the rest of the week. Getting into a healthy habit of incorporating lots of fruits and vegetables into your diet on Mondays will set you on the right track to continue making healthier decisions throughout the week. 
3. Green Monday is good for your heart 
Eating meat, especially a high diet of red meat, raises your risk of heart disease. Cutting back on meat not only lowers your risk of heart disease but can also lower blood pressure and cholesterol. 
4. Green Monday could help you lose weight
Meat is not only high in calories but can also have high concentrations of fat. If you cut meat out of your diet for a day, you can ideally add more vegetables to it. If you make a habit of eating more vegetables and eating less meat, it can lower your risk of weight gain.  
5. Green Monday decreases your environmental footprint
40% of the world’s land surface is used solely for the purpose of keeping us fed. The vast majority of that land is not being used for fruits, vegetables, and grains, but to sustain the animals we consume. By switching your diet to include more fruits and vegetables and less meat, even just for a day, this means less water and energy is being used to produce your food, and fewer greenhouse gases are being emitted into the atmosphere. By cutting back meat for a day, everyone can help reduce global climate change.
6. Green Monday is easy and delicious
Cooking meat can be more time consuming and work intensive. There are tons of quick, easy, and delicious vegetarian recipes.Save time and money by incorporating lots of vegetables into your meals and enjoy them just the same!
Join UCSB Residential Dining Services in enjoying Green Monday on the following days and locations:
1. Monday, January 11th at Ortega
2. Monday, February 8th at Carrillo 
3. Monday, February 29th at DLG
Next time you think about skipping Ortega’s Green Monday and head to DLG, think about what you could be doing for your health and your environment and join us for a wide selection of delicious vegetarian meals!

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