Food Waste and How to Reduce It

October 6, 2017
Swiss Chard Stock
Food waste has been on the forefront of conversations of the past few years. How can you save money and prevent food from ending up in our landfills? Use stalks, stems, peels, and rinds!
Fronds and Leaves
Consider using carrot and fennel fronds as garnish, or add to salads. You can also use the tops to make pesto. Just add the fronds tp nuts, garlic, cheese and olive oil.
Stalks, Stems and Rinds
Broccoli: You can eat the entire stalk. No reason to discard the stalk into the trash. Instead shred into a salad or slaw. You can also puree into soup, sauces, or just roast the entire head in the oven.
Kale: The center of kale can be tough and fibrous. Blanch or saute the entire leaf for stir-fries. Also, consider pickling them to soften them up, but leaving a crunchy texture.
Leeks: No need to discard the darker green tops of a leek. Instead julienne and sautee and add to salad, soups or stocks.
Watermelon: Think watermelon rinds. You can pickle the rinds and enjoy as a treat. If you are not willing to wait for the pickling process mist with lemon juice and a dash of chili powder.
Citrus Peel
Zest it: Before enjoying a piece of citrus consider zesting it. Wash the fruit, then use a zester to remove zest. Add this ingredient to anything- salad dressings, soups, pasta.
Candy it: You can also use the rind of citrus to make candy. This idea is fun around the holidays. Candied ot chocolate dipped peels are a sweet treat.

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