Food Trends

January 23, 2019
Food trends, we see them everywhere and sometimes we can’t help but ask what all the hype is about? The following items are new food trends that have caught our attention.
Cauliflower Everything: Who knew you could turn cauliflower into a pizza crust, rice, or mashed potatoes? This versatile food can be indistinguishable when a couple of other ingredients are added to it. A lot of the times cauliflower is a replacement for more carbohydrate-based foods. These options are very popular among those who are looking to cut carbs while increasing vegetable intake.
Non-dairy Milks: Alternative milk, such as almond, cashew, oat, and peanut, continue to turn up in grocery stores. As far as milks that provide an interesting alternative to milk from animal sources, consider hazelnut milk, banana milk, and walnut milk. Check out this review of milk alternatives at Food and Wine:
Smoothies: Smoothies have been a staple for many people in the past few years. They are easy, versatile, and a great way to squeeze in fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats into your day without compromising taste. In today’s world, there are prepackaged kits that have all of the ingredients to make smoothies. While this option is convenient and easy, they tend to be a little more expensive, compared to buying the ingredients individually to make a smoothie. Consider adding something new to your smoothie, like chia seeds, kale, maca powder, dates, or maybe one of the non-dairy milks mentioned above.
Kombucha: This bubbly fermented tea drink has been flying off the shelves lately. The main health benefit of this food is that it helps promote a healthy gut. Expect to see kombucha in the fridge aisle of your grocery store. The product comes in many flavors such as strawberry, ginger, lemon, raspberry, and more. It looks like this popular drink won’t fade anytime soon.
Alternative Sugar: Many point to sugar as the culprit for weight gain. By looking for healthier alternative sugars, people have been able to make healthier, more conscious dining decisions. There are plenty of alternatives offered in grocery stores, such as monk fruit, date syrup, and more. Many people are starting to lean towards these less processed alternatives to fix their sweet tooth.

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