Food Nutrition and Basic Skills

January 26, 2016
Today I want to talk about the Food Nutrition and Basic Skills (FNBS) program. This new program is offered to UCSB students who are interested in gaining knowledge about nutrition, food preparation and much more. Here is what FNBS leaders are saying about their program:
"The Food, Nutrition and Basic Skills Program is a coalition effort between staff (like me), students and community members. We hope to address issues that play a role in hindering student access to healthy, nutritious and affordable food, through four tracks: Cooking and Nutrition, Connecting to your Food, Budgeting and Planning and Kitchen."
The idea is that "many students come into the university environment with little knowledge regarding food, particularly nutrition, food preparation, grocery shopping, and budgeting. Without these skills, students may become food insecure, skipping meals and eating poorly for the sake of cost or convenience. It is our hope that through education, we can help students to eat well and fulfill their full potential here at UCSB.
All the education events or series in the four tracks are free. And any student that completes one workshop in each track will receive a free kitchen start up kit!"
Yesterday I just did a talk on how to Maximize and Navigate the Dining Commons. We discussed different resources the Dining Commons offer you to help you make informed nutritious decisions. If you want to learn more check out their website:
It is a great program with enthusiastic people, and I highly recommend that you try and attend some sessions.


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