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June 10, 2015
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When it comes to studying for finals you have that covered. You know what to study, how long you need to prepare, and what kind of pencil you will use to ace the test. But in order to do your best consider what you are eating. You might be surprised that some of the foods you reach for may be making finals harder than they need to be.  Let’s take a look at some food that can help you ace your finals.

Foods to help you ace the final
• If you are looking for a snack – consider nuts. A medley of almonds, pecans, cashews, pistachio or walnuts offers great taste and healthy fats. Add some dried blueberries or cranberries for a sweeter taste and energy boost.
• Of course I am going to include fruits and vegetables because I am a dietitian. Seriously though, bananas, citrus, leafy greens all provide nutrients that can help give you quick energy but may also be helpful in keeping you healthy during the stressful time of finals.
• It is extremely important to stay hydrated, so drink a lot of water. When you are hydrated you will find that you have more energy. Your best bet: drink six to eight cups of water per day.

Foods to Limit
• Caffeinated beverages, like soda and energy drinks.
• High sugar foods like cookies, candy, ice cream.
• Cereals containing high sugar content.
• Greasy and fried food, like chips, pizza, hamburgers, french fries, chicken nuggets

Time and time again students turn to these foods to try and find energy to ace their finals. I know it feels like you need the coffee, energy drinks and soda to make it through. But honestly caffeine should be consumed in moderation. Extra caffeine can actually increase anxiety making it harder to concentrate. Look towards water to say hydrated and ready for your final.

Go luck on your remaining finals Gauchos!

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