Embrace “Ugly” Produce

March 23, 2017
Ugly Produce

About a third of the planet’s food goes to waste, often because of what it looks like. That’s enough to feed two billion people. Every year, about 6 billion pounds of produce go unsold, just because of their aesthetics.


The truth is, not all fruits and vegetables are grown like the ones we see in the grocery store with the perfect color, size and shape. Sometimes, they’re slightly smaller, slightly bigger, or slightly misshapen - but does that deem them unworthy to eat? No! These “ugly” fruits and vegetables are just as tasty and nutritionally dense as the “perfect” ones but they are often rejected by retailers because they have a hard time selling. In a time where world hunger is on the rise and environment is in every news article the issue of food waste needs to be addressed.


Producing food that goes to waste, uses precious resources; including water, soil and seeds and releases greenhouse gases into our atmosphere - all to get thrown away because somebody presumes it’s not pretty enough!


If you’re inspired to shop ugly, here’s what you can do:

  • Ask for ugly produce from large grocers! Social media has been advantageous to the ugly produce movement, but so far only Whole Foods and a few others have fully embraced it.

  • Shop ugly. Here’s a list of vendors that sell ugly produce (many for a lower price!): http://www.endfoodwaste.org/the-uf-v-supermarket-directory.html

  • Consider shopping at your local farmer's market as they sell non-uniform produce and are more connected with their food.

  • Value your food and care for others’ food insecurity.

​​Give love to ugly produce!


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