The Benefits of Ezekiel Bread

January 10, 2014
Ezekiel Bread

I recieved a question from Mario asking:

I eat sprouted grain bread on the recommendation of my alternative healthcare practitioner. However, at $5.20 per loaf, it is quite pricey. Is it that much healthier than regular 100% whole grain bread? Here's the brand I use:

Thanks for the question Mario. Not knowing your medical history or why your alternative healthcare practitioner recommended the sprouted grain bread for you I can’t say for sure this is something you should only be consuming. But I can provide you with benefits to why sprouted grain bread is a good option.

For those of you who don’t know what Ezekiel bread is, it is bread made with sprouted grains. Learn more about sprouted bread here:

To begin my analysis of Ezekiel bread vs. 100% whole wheat bread, I started by comparing the Ezekiel bread to a generic 100% whole wheat bread option. Based on just the nutrition facts label the Ezekiel bread has less calories, less total fat, a lot less sodium, less sugar and it has more dietary fiber. All in all the Ezekiel bread looks to be better option than a 100% whole wheat bread I compared it against. Of course I am only comparing the Ezekiel against one 100% whole wheat bread option. There are lots of options available on the market so doing a simple nutrition fact label comparison can help you determine which product is better.

Now taking a deeper look into the products I created a table listing the benefits of each option.


Ezekiel Bread

100% Whole Wheat Bread

6 Whole Grains: sprouted wheat, sprouted barley, sprouted millet, sprouted lentils, sprouted soybeans, and sprouted spelt

1 Whole Grain: Whole Wheat Flour

The sprouting process changes the nutrient composition of the grains significantly. Sprouting grains increases many of the grains' key nutrients, including B vitamins, vitamin C, folate, fiber, and essential amino acids often lacking in grains like lysine. Other nutrients include: fiber, manganese, selenium, and thiamin.

Nutrients Rich: fiber, manganese, selenium, phosphorus

No added sugar


Ezekiel bread has a lot of benefits over the 100% whole wheat bread. If the price tag is too much consider switching to a couple different products and not only consuming the Ezekiel bread. But yes, Ezekiel bread looks to be a better option!


Milton's Bread

I have found that the brand "Miltons" has a Healthy Whole Grain that is really low in Sugar, has fiber and protein and is low fat yet good tasting and is one that I recommend to anyone who wants a healthy bread alternative. I have tried Ezekiel Cinnamon Raisin with fresh ground unsalted Peanut Butter mixed with raw oatmeal and an Orange on the side to be a great breakfast alternative.


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