The Apple

October 26, 2017
As the old saying goes an apple a day keeps the doctor away. There may be a bit of truth in the saying an apple a day keep the doctor away. An unpeeled apple offers a good source of dietary fiber and vitamin C. An apple is best consumed with the skin. The skin is where the majority of the nutrients are found. So let’s take a look at this very popular fruit.
Apples have been around for thousands of years. A member of the rose family, this fruit made its way to North America in the 1600’s. Today there are more than 8,000 varieties of apples worldwide, with about 2,500 in the US. Only 100 of those varieties are grown commercially.
Apples are in season from late August to October. But apples are available year-round across the country. Every variety has it’s own unique flavor, color and crispness. Some can be used for anything while others are single purpose. So let's begin with the Fuji!
Fuji! Fjui’s are one of my most favorite apples. I enjoy their crisp, sweet, and juicy texture.
Golden Delicious. Golden delicious apples have a soft skin that is yellow with small speckled brown spots. This apple is sweet and can be great for snacking or cooking.
Empire. The apple comes from New York, hence the name. The apple is red and shiny. It is sweet and crisp and therefore very popular.
Pink Lady. The Pink Lady is from Australia and known for its crispness. This apple is to great with salads or perfect for cooking.
Granny Smith. Known for its sour taste and thicker skin. This apple is best used for baking into pies and sauces.
Red Delicious. This apple is from Iowa and known for it’s deep red color. The red delicious apple has a mild sweetness and can be crisp. This apple is best eaten with peanut butter (in my opinion).
Honeycrisp. Pink and red in color this apple has a juicy flesh with a mild sweet flavor. But is best known for its crispness.
Gala. This is the second most popular apple in the US. Gala’s have a waxy reddish yellow fish with a golden flesh. It is tart which makes it good for cooking.
Braeburn. This apple is best for snacking, baked whole or used in tarts or to make applesauce. It is very versatile due to its sweet yet tart flavor profile.
McIntosh. This apple is very popular in New England. Its texture is crisp and juicy when ripe. This apple can been eaten fresh from the tree or used to make cider and sauces.
Jonathan. This is an apple I am not familiar with. Originally from New York this apple has a ruby-red exterior with gold spots. It is sweet and tart and can be used in baking, especially pies.
I hope you enjoyed learning a bit more about the apple. Happy snacking!

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