Almond Milk

March 14, 2018
 In the world today, many people are making changes to their diets by switching to plant-based products. They’re limiting their intake of meat and dairy, while some have decided to cut them out completely. The high amount of saturated fat and cholesterol in processed red meat, the environmental strain on the planet, religious practices and many other reasons have prompted people to make the adjustment. However, a whopping 65% of Americans simply do not have a choice when it comes to animal milk because of their intolerance of lactose. This is where almond milk comes to the rescue.
The plant-based dairy substitute, almond milk, is on the rise. It can be used in coffee, ice cream, smoothies, baked goods and of course, poured over your favorite cereal. Most commercial unsweetened almond milk will run you 30 to 40 calories and provide roughly one gram of protein, one gram of fiber and three grams of fat per eight-ounce serving. When looking at milk substitutes like almond milk, be sure to read labels to ensure you choose a substitute that contains similar amounts of calcium (30 percent of the Daily Value) and vitamin D (25 percent of the Daily Value) as milk does.
Although there are many delicious flavors of almond milk on the market, options with loads of added sugar should be avoided. Vanilla and chocolate almond milk are not the best choice because of their sugar content. If you go for the unsweetened version instead, you will be pleased to find that because almond milk is high in fat and protein compared to its carb content, “it doesn’t cause a spike in blood sugar levels, making it suitable for diabetics, as well as those who are on a low carb diet.”
With a wide-range of nutritional benefits, almond milk has definitely taken a liking throughout the country. Some enjoy it so much that they decide to make their own! The process involves soaking the almonds overnight, rinsing, blending in water, adding sweetener (optional) and straining out the pulp to end with a rich, creamy beverage. It is surprisingly easy to recreate at home, especially with endless online resources to reference. Try exploring Pinterest or Youtube for exciting recipes to try once you’ve gotten your hands the world’s most loved nut milk.

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