4 Facts about Sugar

October 12, 2016
Sugar in a bowl
1. Consuming sugar alone does not cause chronic disease. Sugars are a source of calories and eating too many calories can lead to poor health and increase your risk of chronic diseases. A combination of factors influence overall health. These include your genetics, lifestyle, and environment.
2. Your body does not differentiate between natural and added sugars. All sugars are processed the same way. Foods and beverages that contains natural sugars are recommended because these food and beverages come with less calories while providing extra nutritional benefits. Added sugars can be part of your diet, but you need to keep your calorie intake in check. Both natural and added sugars provide 4 calories per gram.
3. Eating sugar will not make you hyper. Many studies have concluded that sugar intake does not affect behavior or cognitive performance in children. It continues to be important to promote a balanced diet. 
4. Good dental health does not mean you have to eliminate sugars. The American Dental Association recommends limiting between meal sipping and snacking on sugary beverages and foods. If you choose to eat a sugar food or drink, do so with a meal.

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