Carillo Outside Patio

Guest Meals

Guest Meal prices
Breakfast $12.00
Lunch $12.00
Dinner $12.00
We cannot accept cash or checks at the door. Credit cards are accepted only during the summer and during special events like Move In, Parents & Family Weekend, and UCSB's Spring Open House.

Guests in the Dining Commons:

Residence Hall Residents or Off Campus Meal Plan Participants with Guests

  • Payment by charging to meal plan holder’s BARC at the point of entry into the dining commons.
  • Payment by using Gaucho Bucks (prepaid spending account) at the point of entry into the dining commons.
  • ​Students without meal plans are not authorized to use BARC or Gaucho Bucks to eat in the Dining Commons.

UCSB Faculty/Staff

  • Meals may be purchased by using Gaucho Bucks, or meal tickets may be purchased at 1508 Residential Services (between De La Guerra Dining Commons and Santa Cruz Residence Hall). Please note that we only accept checks.

Guests of Conference Attendees during the Summer

  • In the summer all the dining commons have credit card machines. Guests can come in and purchase a meal ($12) with a credit card.

For more information please contact 805-893-3093.