Promoting Health & Wellness with Nutrition Week

March 4, 2015
Nutrition Week Table

We are currently celebrating Nutrition Week in all of the dining commons from March 2-6th. Nutrition Week is a campaign to promote health and wellness to all our patrons, in connection to National Nutrition Month. We want our customers to feel educated about nutrition and feel confident in making informed choices.

The week will be packed with fun and educational activities. On Monday (03/02) students had the opportunity to taste exotic fruits; including dragon fruit, kumquats, baby kiwi and cape gooseberries. Other interactive activities include making your own trail mix and yogurt parfait. There will also be a tasting table on Friday (03/06) at De Le Guerra Dining Commons. Throughout the week, there are opportunities to speak with a registered nutritionist that can answer questions or provide health and wellness tips, and much more.

We are excited to host this event, so get ready to learn and eat tasty nutritious food. Take a look at the full calendar of events

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