Introducing Gaucho Bright Bite

February 10, 2014
Spicy Turkey Citrus Stir Fry

Introducing Gaucho Bright Bite

Are you too busy, or not sure what the best food options are for your health? Look no further than Gaucho Bright Bite!

Gaucho Bright Bite is part of the Gaucho Bright options. The Gaucho Bright options are a part of a nutrition wellness program, developed to promote healthy eating, and increase the overall health and wellness of our students.

Gaucho Bright Bite offers you the choice to find healthy individual items offered in our four dining commons. Menu options meeting the Gaucho Bright Bite criteria will be identified on NetNutrition, displayed under the Preference section. By selecting the Gaucho Bright Bite preference, NetNutrition will display menu options meeting the criteria.

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