Creating a #UCSB Waffle Masterpiece

December 10, 2015
UCSB Waffle

At every breakfast and brunch, gaucho pride is savored by our residents and served on their plate; UCSB waffles have a special place in our tummies and hearts. This fall dining premiered a video tutorial on YouTube which demonstrates step-by-step how to make a UCSB waffle, using the logoed waffle irons in the Dining Commons. The video was shared on social media and was featured on DigiKnow to show residents how to make a waffle masterpiece. (Take a look: How to Make a UCSB Waffle.)

Waffles continue to be one of the most popular breakfast & brunch selections. It’s no surprise that during the month of October, over 1,600 pounds of waffle batter were used to make 4,000 waffles. That’s literally the average weight of 1 female giraffe!

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