Bringing Creative Flavors to Theme Meals

August 19, 2015
Lamb kebabs; Moroccan style tilapia topped w/ bell peppers & tomatoes; crème brûlée; and posole

Are you craving new flavors and creative dishes? Look no further than our special Theme Meals!  Each Dining Commons will host a special meal inspired by a theme every quarter. These popular events generate excitement by celebrating diverse cuisines, hosting one-of-a-kind themes, adding variety to the menu rotation, and creating an educational & fun dining experience for both residents and staff.  At the same time, our chefs are able to further express their culinary talents by using unique ingredients and trying new recipes. Some notable dishes from last year include alligator corn & kale salad; kimchi jjigae (Korean stew); Middle Eastern date bars; calamari, scallops, & mung noodle salad; lamb keftedes (Greek meatballs); and Thai cotton wool cakes! During spring quarter, residents enjoyed Carrillo’s International Fare for lunch; De La Guerra’s Middle Eastern inspired lunch; “Café” Portola’s Parisian dinner; and Ortega’s Favorites Day, which served the most popular #Gaucho dishes.

For future theme meal details (date, meal period, location & theme) follow Residential Dining on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to try out our mouthwatering meals!

Caption: Since 2010, our dining commons have hosted special Theme Meals. Featured from top-left to bottom-right: lamb kebabs; Moroccan style tilapia topped with bell peppers & tomatoes; crème brûlée; and posole.

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