A Whale of a Mural

August 18, 2017

"I wish I could smile in the solace that the end of something so special could leave us at such a loss." -Loni Marineau, Artist

We are excited to report that the third of four murals has been completed and installed at the San Migolas (San Miguel + San Nicolas) stage. This year's mural masterpiece was created by 2nd-year student and San Rafael Resident Assistant Loni Marineau, an environmental studies major. Her beautiful creation pays homage to the environment around UCSB, and the sad possibility of whales slowly disappearing due to the current state of environmental affairs nationally and globally.

The San Miguel stage mural project was developed by students in an effort to showcase UCSB's artistic talent. Every few years, a new mural with a different theme is added to the stage. Special thanks to Sydni Baker, UCSB 2017 alumnus and San Rafael Resident Assistant, for spearheading this year's mural project and working in collaboration with the artist, the HDAE Arts & Culture Committee, and Residential Operations. Initiatives such as this are an integral part of any living and learning environment, and the Arts & Culture Committee welcomes ideas and suggestions that will enhance the warm and welcoming atmosphere of our communities. Please feel free to contact us!

By Julie Levangie

Pictured above from left to right: Loni Marineau and Sydni Baker


Photographer: Alex Ramos