UCPath Now Live

September 26, 2018
UC-wide System Replaces Antiquated PPS
UCPath is the University of California’s systemwide program to implement a single payroll, benefits, human resources and academic personnel solution for all UC employees. UCPath went live at UCSB on September 27. The first paychecks produced from UCPath were issued on October 1st (monthly) and October 3rd (biweekly). 
What does it mean for you?
There are three different categories of people who will interact with the UCPath system at UCSB: Employee Self-Service Users, Manager Self-Service Users, and Functional Users. 
  • All UCSB employees will have access to Employee Self-Service in UCPath, which provides similar information to At Your Service Online (AYSO). AYSO will continue to be available to view historical employment information.
  • Manager Self-Service users will use UCPath to view information about their direct reports. 
  • Functional Users will use UCPath to complete their job duties, similar to how they used PPS to complete their work previously. 
How can I prepare?
  1. Sign up for Direct Deposit: Starting in October, paper paychecks will be sent to your home address by the U.S.Postal Service, they will not be handed out on campus. You can sign up for direct deposit, or edit your current election in Employee Self Service in UC Path.
  2. W-2s: You will get two W-2s in 2018: one from AYSO for your 2018 earnings prior to UCPath go-live and another from UCPath for the rest of the year. If you have not already, you can elect to receive electronic W-2s in Employee Self Service in UC Path.
  3. Golden1 Credit Union Deductions: Golden1 credit union deductions (e.g., car payments, mortgage payments) from AYSO do not get converted into UCPath. This applies to those with deductions through Golden1, not those that have Golden1 as their single direct deposit selection. Make arrangements for these payments for the month of October 2018 to avoid any late payments. Reestablish your credit union deduction as a direct deposit in UCPath after go-live.
Learn more: ucpath.ucsb.edu
By Aubrie Amstutz