Things That Make You Say WOW... Surfboard Storage!

December 16, 2015

Surfboard Storage Rack Installed at Santa Cruz Residence Hall

It all started with an idea. On March 12, 2014 the iGen Committee received an innovative request from one of our student residents, Angelo Molina. He highlighted the need for student surfers living in our communities to have surfboard storage in a secure location. Board storage inside rooms takes up too much space, and it was proving cumbersome to maneuver boards in and out of the halls. Intrigued by the idea, the iGen Committee reached out to Angelo for more information. He promptly replied with a four-page proposal sharing multiple storage concepts inspired by surfboard lockers he had seen in Waikiki, HI. Ideas ranged from enclosed sheds to steel racks with lockable security. Angelo also volunteered to create a Google survey to assess interest and determine preferred storage locations. This survey was shared with students using several Housing channels including Digiknow and social media. Results were favorable, and "adjacent to the Santa Cruz Hall surf shower" was identified as one of the top locations. The iGen Committee selected the type of surfboard storage rack, compiled pricing, researched nearby racks at the The Loop in Isla Vista, and shared their findings with the Housing Senior Management Team. Three additional questions surfaced for students to answer:

1.    Would you use the proposed surfboard storage location if it was not fully enclosed?
2.    The boards would stand upright in their own locking collars. Would you be willing to bring your own padlocks?
3.    Would you most likely store longboards or shortboards in the racks?

A second Google survey was circulated, and overwhelmingly positive results ensued. After receiving the official green light from the Senior Management Team, Paul Kouns enthusiastically took on the project implementation and stars in our latest Housing how-to video shown above. We'd love to hear your innovative idea! Share it via iGen.

You ask... we listen!

By Whitney Morris