Teamwork Grows a Garden

April 19, 2018

The Making of the Anacapa Succulent Garden

The Anacapa Garden project began last year when I was the Programming Vice President of the Residence Housing Association (RHA). Originally, the project was going to be a standing succulent box on the side of De Anza. Once I was placed as a Resident Assistant in Anacapa Hall, the people I was working with in HDAE - Manuel Herrera and Eric Zobel - suggested we move the project to Anacapa. Over the summer and Student Leadership Development, we ended up selecting what was then bunch of wood chips on the side of Anacapa facing Santa Cruz Residence Hall. After the location was approved, and funding was allocated by RHA and the Anacapa Hall Council, Grounds cleared off the wood chips, terraced the area, laid down rocks, and provided tools and extra rocks for me to use.

The planting itself happened February 23rd with the help of 24 residents of Anacapa. They helped me lay out the rocks, dig holes, arrange the plants, and finally plant them. I think this is a great example of how RHA funds can be used to make permanent improvements for the experience of residents and, since I also love succulents, a garden seemed like an easy way to do that. My hope is that the garden will also encourage people to take better care of their surroundings. Thank you to everyone for helping to make this project a reality!

By Addison Luria-Roberson