Summer Internship Program

August 3, 2015

This summer, Residential & Community Living hired six Residential Leadership Program Summer Interns, pictured from left Courtney Simpson, Xuewen Sherry Li, Lacy Wright, José Mangaña, Thien Hoang, and Danielle Patterson. Since June, they have been training, developing leadership skills, and fostering collaboration between Housing & Residential Services and other campus partners. By August 21st, the interns will have collectively implemented projects including:

•    Community Cup Competition
•    Gibraltar Coffee House
•    UCSB Mobile Application
•    RHA Historical Archive & Alumni Engagement
•    RHA Recruitment & Transitions Initiative
•    Residential Leadership Program 3-in-1 Programming Evolution
•    Safe Spaces: Dialogue Training & Multicultural Espacio 5
•    Transfer Resources & Support Development

We recognize many housing staff members have already played a large role in the success of these projects – thank you! If you would like to connect or collaborate with an intern on a project, please do not hesitate to reach out to them! To learn more about their projects and locate each intern’s contact information, please visit:

Brianna Moffitt