Students find Ally in Community Housing Office

April 25, 2017

Cliff Erosion Displaces Isla Vista Residents

Erosion on the Isla Vista bluffs has displaced dozens of UCSB and SBCC students living on Del Playa Drive in the winter of 2017. On January 22nd, 28 students were displaced after part of their communal backyard fell into the ocean during a heavy storm and their unit was deemed unsafe. A large storm on February 17th caused concern for the structural integrity of an additional complex on Del Playa, leading to 21 more students looking for new housing.  

Luckily, these students have an ally in the staff members of the UCSB Community Housing Office (CHO), who worked diligently to find options and relieve the stress caused by this unfortunate situation. CHO staff collaborated with local property managers, HDAE Apartment Assignments, Student Affairs, the I.V. Tenants Union, and SBCC along with other groups to identify the needs of the displaced students and find them the best housing solution.  

Through this collaborative effort, affected students were given a variety of options for housing through both UCSB-owned and privately-owned housing. In addition to assistance with finding new housing, CHO staff have also been able to offer other resources like financial aid, counseling, and even assistance with moving. As always, the UCSB Community Housing Office has done a great job empowering renters, facilitating clear communication, collaborating with various stakeholders, and above all, providing exceptional customer service.

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By Camille Locklear