Staying Grounded in a Time of Overwhelming Change

March 26, 2020

Taking Some Time for Reflection and Self-Care

As we navigate this phase of uncertain and challenging times, we'd like to send out some positivity and support. Here are some thoughts and borrowed wisdom for you to consider.

  1. Grace: give yourself and each other understanding and time as we move through this. We are grieving our normal lives and normal ways of doing things, both in our lives and in work. 

  2. Connection: while we are physically distancing, we can still say socially connected. Reach out to ask how folks are doing, and thank them for what they are doing. 

  3. Self-care: keep doing all of the things that normally keep us healthy (sleeping, exercising, eating healthy, staying hydrated) are an integral part of being able to do everything else on our dockets. Remember to give yourself space to pause, reflect, and connect to what is important.

  4. Finding Meaning: Focus on what is important in your life, and give yourself permission to pause or let go of the things that are not crucial right now. And take it step by step.

To remind us of the good things that are still happening (and to make us laugh), Eric Zobel, HDAE graphic artist, created a web page: Silver LiningsFor instance, pollution levels in China are plunging and this opera singer is entertaining his Italian neighbors! Another great channel to follow is The Happy Broadcast, which features positive thoughts and news from around the world. Here are some great examples of people making lemonade out of lemons: Becky Hoffman made her own marathon after the race she was scheduled to participate in was postponed due to the coronavirus; and Julie Levangie's neighborhood is implementing scavenger hunts. Last week people put up shamrocks in their windows, this week is rainbows. Kids are coloring, drawing, painting, cutting out designs, and then walking around to see how many they count. It's a great activity allowing for social distancing and getting some fresh air. Happy hunting if you institute the same thing in your neighborhood! And remember, get up and stretch! Relax those shoulders right now. If you prefer guided stretching, Leslie Ramirez is offering Homestretch via Zoom Monday through Friday, 9:30-9:45am. Email her so she can add you to the appointment notice. 

Bottom line, remember to have some fun, whatever it looks like to you. Blast a song you love, paint or doodle, go outside, read, write, get home tasks done, purge your iPhone of crappy photos, have a push-up contest, make special meals, watch movies, dust off board games, clean out your purse, garden, have a gratitude scavenger hunt (see below), watch YouTube videos of puppies and baby goats, and connect with your loved ones. Stay calm, compassionate, healthy and safe HDAE team!

By Julie Levangie, Lisa Slavid & Eric Zobel