Spark & Spice

December 17, 2019

HDAE’s Artistic Duo Strikes Again!

This time as facilitators of the two-part professional development offering Creativity & Innovation: SPARK & SPICE. Lisa Slavid and Eric Zobel joined creative forces to develop a unique workshop that blended philosophy, the science of art, group interaction, inspirational sharing and a peaceful setting.

Lisa’s session SPARK: Inspiration focused on “new frameworks to help stretch creative and innovative muscles” and help the mind explore and learn these new habits.

Eric presented SPICE: Fearlessly Living the Creative Life and encouraged the group to find or strengthen creative gifts through “discovery, play, and a little bit of magic.”

Lisa’s Peadoodles cartoon puns and a hand-illustrated poster series designed by Eric complimented the discussions and made for some dynamic and personalized visuals!

First-time participants of the workshop had opportunities to connect with creative colleagues, share individual interests and talents, and be mindful of making space for creative efforts and energy in daily life.

A refreshing reminder that we should all make time for a little SPARK & SPICE!

 By Sara Engebrits