Santa Rosa Turns 60!

May 20, 2015

Happy 60th Birthday to Santa Rosa Residence Hall (est. 1955)! On May 7 we celebrated this milestone, which was a Strategic Plan “Focus on the Whole Person” Team initiative. The Team’s 2015 outcome is: “Our programs and services foster opportunities for residents to create a healthy sense of community,” and they are working on identifying, cultivating and establishing traditions. Thank you to De La Guerra Dining Commons for the fantastic cake and the abundance of cupcakes. The students had a good time feasting on the aforementioned tasty treats while hanging out with Santa Rosa mascot Rosita the Rhino and looking at old photos, including one of a UCSB Housing brochure from the late 1950s. In case you are wondering, the room and meals cost in the 1950s was $375-$390 per semester! The Team looks forward to continuing the tradition of celebrating buildings’ milestone birthdays in the coming years.        

By Jessica Fougere & Julie Levangie              


                                   Photos by Brianna Koch & Ben Pu.