Rolling Out the Welcome Mat for Gauchos!

October 14, 2015

Week of Welcome Celebrates the Start of a New Academic Year

Week of Welcome (WOW!) was a great success with record attendance! This year, a Week of Welcome committee collaborated in new and exciting ways across the Residence Halls Association, Student Apartment Community Council, Residential & Community Living staff, Associated Students, and Office of Student Life, as well as facilitated connections with a plethora of other campus partners. Over 27,500 collective attendees were recorded across the 30+ events, which included Casino Night, a Hypnotist Show, Silent Disco, an Ice Cream Social at Storke Plaza, skateboard and bike tours, and Sandcastle Day to name a few. We look forward to welcoming even more students next year as our residential population continues to grow.

Thank you to all those who supported Week of Welcome by doing everything from sponsoring or hosting an event to showing up and showing your support for student engagement. As student leaders become more exposed to the inner-workings of the university and find out what it is exactly all of us staff members do all day, I have heard over and over: “Wow! I had no idea all of the work that goes into making our student experience so great!” Many of the students impacted on a daily basis remain unaware of all the meetings, process, labor, energy, and so much more that is invested in their student experience. So, “Thank you!” for your partnership and efforts on behalf of Residential Leadership Programs and our students whose experiences have been made better by the work you do each and every day!

By Brianna Moffitt