(Re-)Brand Spanking New

June 20, 2018
The UCSB Housing Fair Makeover
The Housing Fair at Spring Insight underwent a whole new look this year! The event was completely re-branded with the new UCSB Visual Identity. Exciting changes included new logoed pop-up tents, a variety of signage including two huge vinyl banners and three 15-foot sun blade banners, tablecloths with colors inspired by our environment, and free swag* including a tattoo of the new UCSB tab logo. The MarCom Team undertook this campaign to refresh the Housing Fair as it is often the first impression 10,000+ prospective students experience of our department. The Team also wanted to help activate the new UCSB brand and support a cohesive and consistent visual expression across the campus.
A few years ago UCSB Public Affairs contracted with an outside agency to review UCSB’s brand. With high rankings among other public universities in both research and academia, UCSB’s standings in the college community had outpaced the campus’ visual communication 'look' and many considered it time for a makeover. Many focus groups, conversations, and meetings later, a new direction for the campus was approved in early 2018. The old UCSB ‘wave’ logo was retired and a new wordmark and secondary logo were put in its place. With it came an upgraded color palette more in line with our beautiful oceanfront setting. Efforts were made to move away from the party image that has been associated with campus and maybe also offer some healing after the events that took place in Isla Vista. Overall goals of the change include creating a more cohesive look and feel for all campus communications, and strengthening UCSB’s image as the campus continues to grow and excel.
To learn more about UCSB’s new visual identity, please visit https://www.ucsb.edu/visual-identity, and feel free to contact the MarCom Team (Julie Levangie, Mandy Yoshida & Eric Zobel) with questions.
*stuff we all get
By Julie Levangie & Eric Zobel