R&CL Celebrates Staff in Drive-in Ceremony

July 27, 2020
A Mix of Tradition, Innovation and Sentiment brings UCSB Journey to a Close
On June 15 Residential & Community Living honored their 2020 class of “graduating” Lead Staff (Resident Directors, Complex Coordinators, Assistant Resident Directors, and Assistant Complex Coordinators). When not in the midst of a pandemic, this annual event takes place in Santa Rosa Residence Hall complete with a potluck style breakfast, framed certificates, heartfelt speeches, and a whole lot of appreciation. This year, with a bit of creativity, R&CL was able to pull-off a safe, physically distant, outdoor event with just a few adjustments.
On Jameson Field at the Santa Ynez apartment complex, Lead Staff arrived in their vehicles ── where they would remain for the duration of the event ── and parked facing center stage (the middle of Jameson Field). Thanks to our incredible UCSB catering, each guest was provided with their own breakfast box and individual coffee. Not a potluck, but a warm delicious breakfast nonetheless. 
The ceremony began around 9:30am with a procession of staff marshals followed by opening remarks and a warm welcome to the graduating class and guests. A short speech was given for each of the 11 graduating staff members by their respective supervisor. Guests and honorees connected to a Zoom call from their smartphones and utilized the audio to tune into the opening remarks and speeches ── no shared microphones at this event! It was a morning filled with laughter, tears, joy, sadness, and deep gratitude for the immeasurable impact these staff members have had on both our students and campus community. 
The ceremony closed with another round of cheers, applause, and enthusiastic honking. R&CL would like to express a profound thank you to this team of Lead Staff. Not only did they continue to push us forward as an organization, but also created warm, welcoming, and inclusive homes for our students. Their passion for educating and supporting students is both admirable and inspiring. 
To the R&CL Lead Staff Class of 2020 - we THANK YOU!
By Pam Scott
Editor's Note: Thank you to Oscar Ramirez for the great photos and Gary Scott for the homemade carefully constructed UCSB box!