Pi(e) Oh My!

May 2, 2019
TPS Devours Irrationally Good Pie on Pi Day 
On March 14, Transportation & Parking Services celebrated its 6th Annual Pi Day, to commemorate π ─ 3.14 ─ and pie! Since most of the department doesn’t know very much about π, although Permit Sales Rep and Math B.S. (UCSB 2010) Ashley Hawk has quite a string of that infinite number memorized, festivities center more around the annual Pie Contest than any news about π. 
As for entries, any kind of pie will do, it just needs to be homemade. Everyone in the department is invited to submit an entry and there are usually around 8 – 10 people to serve our 30 “judges” aka, everyone in the department who attends. And yes, submitters may vote – after all, there should be some reward for making a pie! The festivities begin with lunch – pizza pie this year – followed by judges selecting their first, second and third favorite pies. 
This year, Ashley Hawk’s amazing Butterfinger Pie took first place and an Amazon gift card! Laura Hoffman took second with a creamy Chocolate Lush Pie, and Nestor Covarrubias took third with his bright and fresh Lemon Cheesecake.    
This mouth-watering tradition started when party planners for a department meeting couldn’t decide between a St. Patrick’s Day or a Pi Day theme. A compromise was reached and the décor consisted of shamrocks, pots o’ gold and rainbows, and the annual pie contest was off to a great start. First prize went to Jamey Wagner’s Salted Caramel Apple pie and second place went to now-retired Gary Richmond’s (wife’s) Peanut Butter Chocolate Fudge pie. We hope to continue with this fun and delicious celebration for many years to come! 
By Laura Hoffman