August 19, 2020
Staying Active in Isolation
Staying active and prioritizing physical activity can be challenging during isolation. Gyms are no longer operating and working out with an exercise buddy is not as feasible while practicing social distancing. However, thanks to Billy Jankowski’s MovementMAYnia, UCSB staff and students had the chance to participate and track their physical activity throughout the month of May. 
MovementMAYnia gave participants a platform to track physical activity such as biking, running, and walking, while engaging with peers of similar interests. The option to be placed into small groups with “accountability buddies” provided participants with the daily encouragement and motivation needed to stay physically active throughout the month. As an additional incentive, points were accrued each time exercise was logged, thus entering participants into a drawing for fun prizes such as homemade ice cream, carrot cake, cinnamon almonds, cold brew, bags of coffee beans, and soaps donated by Billy Jankowski, Marian Bankins, Mike Shinn, and Pam Scott. 
With nearly 50 participants, the success of MovementMAYnia demonstrates that maintaining a healthy exercise routine is possible even while social distancing. Connecting virtually with others to maintain a workout regimen not only provides physical benefits, but also allows for continued human connection with others who share your interests. Continuing to engage with others who share similar priorities such as physical wellness may allow you to develop or further improve upon daily habits that will be beneficial to your physical and mental wellness. 
By Siana Villaverde