Meet Our Team: Leslie Ramirez

April 24, 2017
leslie ramirez photo

HDAE's new Health Advocate Assistant

Say “hi” to Leslie Ramirez, our new Health Advocate Assistant, the next time you see her in your area. She travels to all of our various communities making sure that all of our AEDs (Automated External Defibrillators) are working properly and are up to date. You might also see her looking for chemicals and updating our SDS (Safety Data Sheets). Soon she will be our safe driver instructor.

If you’re lucky, you are in a location where she is leading HomeStretch (check the weekly announcements on HomeBase). In April and May she will be leading circuit training classes in the Santa Rosa Lounge and at Santa Catalina as part of our Wellness Program. Keep an eye out for announcements for these classes.

As you can see, Leslie wears many hats; her recent work experience and Master of Science in Exercise Science from UT San Antonio have prepared her well!

By Ginnie Thomas