Just Because it’s Always Sunny in Phila-BARBA…

February 24, 2016

Tips to Prepare for El Nino

72 degrees and sunny has been the weather lately, but we’re still hoping for more rain. NOAA and forecasters are still predicting a rainy March. Good news for the drought, but also be prepared for flooding, and emergency conditions due to excess rain and high winds – even if it seems to be sunny all the time.

The map below shows weather predictions for January-March this year. It still shows our area with a 33% increase in precipitation.  

Below is flooding of the Ventura river during the last El Nino.

So when it does rain, be prepared. Here is what you can do to get ready:

  • Sign up for UCSB emergency alerts at:  https://alert.ucsb.edu
  • Stay tuned on social media, radio, internet and TV for information on possible flooding/power outage
  • Listen for instructions for serious flooding
  • Get an emergency supply kit and store where it can be accessed by all residents of home or apartment 
  • Have rain gear ready if you have to go outside
  • Prepare for power outages
    • Disconnect appliances during power outages
    • Make sure your phone is fully charged
    • Have a flashlight handy (don’t use candles)
  • Have family and emergency contacts easily available
  • Do you have an emergency plan? (If not, check out links below)
  • Do not walk in moving water
  • Do not ride your bike in flooded areas
  • It is often safest to stay in your home or apartment during severe weather
  • Keep enough fuel in your car if there is a need to evacuate. Expect high-volume, slow traffic.
  • Do not drive in flood water. As little as six inches of water can cause loss of control and stalling vehicle.
  • A foot of water will float many vehicles.
  • Keep items off of the floor when you are away in case of flooding in your home.

For additional information:

Be ready, be safe.

By Mark Rousseau