Housing Highlights

September 27, 2016

UCSB (again :-) is in the top 15 in the United States as an LGBTQ-friendly university. Overall, the campus received 4.5 stars out of 5. 'Housing & Residence Life' received 5 stars.

Want to know more about this year's freshmen class? Check out the Beloit Mindset List for the class of 2020.

During the Michael Jordan Flight School this past summer, Conference Services staff members got to meet the legend himself!

This past August we conducted a staff engagement survey for all of Housing, Dining & Auxiliary Enterprises. There was a 60% response rate (330 responses out of 550 employees), and a 74% engagement rate (a 17.5 engaged employee rate to every 1 disengaged employee -- the benchmark/comparison to other companies is 3.2 engaged employees to every 1 disengaged employee.)  We have a lot of engaged talented staff who care!

Fall Town Hall Meeting Highlights:

  • Whitney Morris of UCSB Conference Services premiered the trailer for the summer blockbuster film Gaucho Summer. She thanked everyone for their help in making a very successful conference season possible each and every summer.
  • Mario Munoz shared some interesting stats. We have exceeded 10,000 residents for the first time! We currently house 8494 Undergraduate Students, 1125 Graduate Students, 66 Non Student Residents (Faculty, KITP, Post-Doc, etc.) and 891 Family Members for a total of 10,576 residents!
  • YES! award presentations: Ginnie Thomas presented Being Safety Conscious to Raul and Carlos Marquez; Mark Rousseau presented Being Environmentally Sensitive to Ernesto Villegas; and Julie Levangie presented the Striving to be the Best to Jessica Fougere.
  • When they're not dealing with conduct in our communities, the Judicial Affairs staff like to have fun while touring our new buildings. Side note: a very reliable source shared with us that the first residents of San Joaquin's Ramona Court love living there!

In the most recent Food Management, Residential Dining Director Jill Horst speaks about what we're doing to help reduce food insecurity on campus, specifically embracing the program Swipe Out Hunger by allowing students to donate meals, up to 1000 a quarter. These donated meals turn into meal vouchers that are made available at the school’s food bank. Read more about how schools are working to reduce food insecurity here.

Congratulations on another successful Move In 2016! We received great feedback via our various social media channels and email. Check out a few highlights in the slideshow below...