The Homefront Now Digitally Delivered to Your Inbox

March 20, 2015
homefront blog screen shot

Welcome to our first digital version of the Homefront Newsletter! This is a BIG change for us at Homefront Central as we have been distributing printed copies for over 23 years. In order to keep up with the times, reduce cost and paper use, offer a mobile and video friendly version, and provide the ability to translate articles into 57 languages, we're going digital! Each month you will receive an email 'teaser' that will have links to the full articles that you can continue to read as posts on the Homefront Blog. The archive and tags will provide a much easier way for readers to find past articles about specific subject matters. Feel free to comment, send us your ideas, and enjoy what is going on within the department and about campus. We have a wonderful assortment of volunteer writers who will continue to provide high quality content and information, but please let us know how we are doing!