HomeBase at a Glance

March 11, 2019
How to Navigate the HDAE Staff Intranet
We’re here to help you surf our staff intranet better (also known as “HomeBase”). But before we get to that, what is the intranet? It’s our internal private network that is only accessible to Housing, Dining & Auxiliary Enterprises employees. Its purpose is to provide a vehicle for communication that is pertinent to our organization. It’s also a starting point to access internal and external resources, such as online forms, organizational charts, and every imaginable online system you may need to do your job. 
The design of the HomeBase landing page may be fairly new, but the staff intranet is anything but. It came about as a result of the Housing & Residential Services’ Strategic Plan back in 2003 when the “Communication Output Action Team” was charged with enhancing communication throughout our then much smaller department. HomeBase was one method implemented to achieve this. Since then it has grown to include many unit and sub-unit sites where staff collaborate, and share and store documents. 
Check out the video to see how you can navigate HomeBase more easily and effectively. If you have suggestions for information that you think should be added to HomeBase in the form of a hyperlink, announcement, form, etc., please email jlevangie@ucsb.edu. We want it to be a valuable business tool for you, and we would love your feedback. 
By Julie Levangie & Mandy Yoshida