HDAE Rides the Roads

September 26, 2018
Over 4000 miles in the Month of May!
Housing, Dining & Auxiliary Enterprises staff members finished up a fun Cyclemaynia Challenge. There were three teams riding their bikes for the month of May. This was part of a Santa Barbara countywide program organized by Traffic Solutions. Miles were tracked and the 30 participants logged more than 4000 miles!
Top cyclists in HDAE were:
Ken Ardry, Residential Operations: 551 miles
Doug Hatt, Transportation & Parking Services: 459.4 miles
Leslie Ramirez, Residential Operations: 381 miles
Tony Almanza, Transportation & Parking Services: 307.5 miles
How far is 4,462.68 miles? HDAE bike riders rode the equivalent miles to Chicago, Illinois AND back! Great job to all the riders and to the winning team, A Vicious Cycle. 
Speaking of cycling... are you heading over to a meeting? Or to the other side of campus? Ride one of our bikes (first photo pictured above) and get some fresh air! You can check one out, along with a helmet, at the Residential Operations Service Center. UCSB has also implemented an inexpensive bike share program via Hopr, which you can read all about here.
Enjoy the ride while reducing fossil fuel use and pollution... together we can make a difference!
By Leslie Ramirez