HDAE Rides the Roads

August 17, 2017

Housing, Dining & Auxiliary Enterprises Staff Cycle 5000+ Miles in the Month of May

This past May, Housing, Dining & Auxiliary Enterprises (HDAE) staff participated in a fun Cyclemania Challenge. There were three teams of ten people each who committed to riding their bikes for the month of May. This challenge originally started three years ago as part of a Santa Barbara County-wide program organized by Traffic Solutions. After a year of participating in the latter, Billy Jankowski of Residential & Community Living found ways to improve upon it and spearheaded his own competition that runs in tandem with the County program. Miles were tracked and participants logged more than 5000 miles!



The top riders in HDAE were...

  • Doug Hatt (Transportation & Parking Services): 464 miles
  • Ken Ardry (Residential Operations): 452 miles
  • Julie Levangie (Multimedia Communications & Marketing): 332 miles
  • and, our fearless, funny and ice cream making leader, Billy Jankowski (Residential & Community Living): 298 miles

So how far is 5000 miles you may be thinking? One way riding, it would get you all the way to La Paz, Boliva. If you wanted to return to Santa Barbara, you could ride to Disneyland, FLORIDA (!), and back to log 5000 miles.

As part of the original Traffic Solutions program, participating UCSB staff also tallied their ride miles to compete against Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. Gauchos kicked some Mustang butt and claimed first in this category. 

So here’s to the riders – stay thirsty my friends, and now you can rest on some ice. Cheers.

By Mark Rousseau

Pictured above: Billy Jankowski, Leslie Ramirez, Leo Ayala, Julie Levangie & Mark Rousseau at the Bike to Work Day celebration.