The HDAE Project Group Building Partnerships

March 8, 2019
New Video Board, Score Board & Locker Room Unveiled at the Events Center
Housing, Dining & Auxiliary Enterprises continues to strive for the Strategic Plan ‘World Class Facilities’ vision in partnership with the Events Center (The Thunderdome) in supporting minor capital project and deferred maintenance needs. This year brought the installation of a new scoreboard and video board, and the renovation of the Men’s Basketball Locker Room.
The video board is located on the southwest end of the Events Center and measures 15’ x 50’. It is the equivalent of a 4K Ultra High Definition television, with 4,239,360 LED Bulbs spaced four millimeters apart. The Video Controller includes a video server, touchscreen monitors, instant replay with slow motion play back, live streaming, three wireless cameras, flexible screen zoning and audio interface. The video board, as well as the new digital scoreboard and shot clocks, will improve the fan experience at The Thunderdome tremendously. The video board will provide opportunities to highlight the achievements of our student-athletes and was made possible by a small group of donors and alumni as well as the Events Center Governance Board. It was fully unveiled at the Men’s Basketball game against Cal Poly on Wednesday, January 9 with a season-high crowd of 4,816 watching UCSB shut down Cal Poly 65-56.
The Men’s Locker Room renovation at the Event Center was also a donor-funded project. The 457sf locker room includes custom team lockers with built-in ventilation, a new audio system, carpet with custom “Santa Barbara Basketball” logo, LED lighting and occupancy sensors.
The HDAE Project Group is currently working on a donor-funded telescopic bleacher replacement project. This project will bring state-of-the-art theater seating to the Events Center. These projects are a great example of our HDAE Project Group supporting the minor capital project and deferred maintenance needs of the student-governed Events Center.  
By Ernesto Villegas
Photos by Paul Kouns, Ashley Monser & Ernesto Villegas