HDAE Highlights

June 10, 2020

CONGRATULATIONS! Santa Cruz Resident Director Angie Tai gave birth to Ava Jia Jungleib-Tai on Saturday, May 10. Moms Angie and Lillian and baby Ava are doing great!... Andrew Jordan, Assistant Director of Business & Finance for Residential Dining, and his new wife Amanda tied the knot on June 5 in their backyard through zoom with the Santa Barbara County Courthouse. They plan to have an in-person ceremony of their vows next year so family can participate.



During this challenging time we’re hearing of staff members who are volunteering and making a difference in their community. Do you have a volunteer story? Or do you know of a co-worker who is volunteering? Let us know! Email jlevangie@ucsb.edu. And, if you're looking to volunteer, this website, Californians for All, provides some great suggestions.  

DID YOU KNOW? Health Net’s Wellness Team has put together a three part pre-recorded series on Rise to the Challenge: Health & Wellness at Home. Individuals can click on the links to listen and view the presentations. Part 1 (Presentation Topics: a new way of working at home, managing anxiety, social connection, leveraging your sphere influence, physical activity at home, healthy eating tips); Part 2 (Presentation Topics: rest and play, financial well-being, finding balance, managing expectations, connection, empathy and compassion, resilience, meditation: finding our breath); and Part 3 (Presentation Topics: be an influence for good, gratitude, what’s going well, boosting your immune system, mindful mini-breaks, healthy shopping tips, physical and mental wellness)... the UCSB's Ombuds Office, a helpful campus resource, is offering Live at Lunch events. June 18: Conflict Competency & your UCSB Career, and June 25: Re-entry: Back to Normal?... UCSB Human Resources is offering a confidential therapy group ─ Supporting and Healing our Communities of Color ─ as a reflective space to process, heal and strengthen our community. The meetings start Thursday, June 25. 

Put down the takeout menu and learn how to make the best fried rice with one of our talented chefs Harley Hall! On May 28 he did a zoom cooking demo for Food, Nutrition & Basic Skills Program that you can watch here