December 20, 2017

Planning Fang-tastic Events for UCSB Students

Here at the UCen it is all about services for the students… and Halloween is no exception! In an effort to provide a fun and safe environment away from Isla Vista, the Hub manager, Jill Singletary, holds a variety of entertaining events for students who would rather participate in something a bit more mellow.

This year dancing is all the rage with Strictly Social sponsoring Horroween 2: The Dead Man Dance, and SBKlub offering the Halloween Dance Spooktacular featuring SAWlsa, BOOchata, and Kizombie on the dance floor, with a costume contest and free food and beverages.

In prior years the Hub has sponsored scary double double feature movies (that’s four movies) with free food and drinks and interactive video games such as Dance Dance Revolution. Providing a safe place to sport a tribal warrior costume and move to the grooves on the dance floor is what the UCen is all about!

By Kristi Kirkpatrick


Editor’s Note: We would be remiss if we didn’t mention all of the work that goes into keeping the UC Santa Barbara community safe over the Halloween weekend. Many of these efforts cross areas of HDAE, and include initiatives such as…

  • closing or restricting parking lots which requires extensive signage and re-programming permit dispensers
  • setting up barricades and staffing checkpoints for all roads entering campus which includes checking proof of residency and denying access to unauthorized vehicles
  • implementing and communicating a No Guest Policy for all of our housing communities and dining commons, which includes programming the access control system to restrict access and requiring all residents to enter through the main lobbies
  • supporting the Associated Students Halloween concert at the Events Center
  • coordinating the installation of temporary security fencing adjacent to San Rafael, Manzanita, Santa Catalina, Sierra Madre Villages and San Clemente Villages
  • planning alternative events throughout the weekend in our residence halls and apartments
  • communicating all of the above to residents to keep them informed, as well as providing them with helpful tips and resources to have a safe and fun Halloween