Gaucho's Guide to Life

February 7, 2020
Teaching Students How to Be Their Best Selves and Win at Life
From managing stress to balancing a budget, there are countless skills that college students need to develop in order to make a successful transition into independent adulthood. The Gaucho’s Guide to Life is a DigiKnow campaign that focuses on major areas of self- development that contribute to the mental and physical success of college students. See below for a breakdown of what is being broadcasted each day of the week:
Self-Care Sunday: There is no one right way to practice self-care. From face masks to gratitude lists, learn about the various options there are to prioritize yourself and start your week on the right track.  
Meditation Monday: Interested in meditating but don’t know where to start? Discover different methods of meditation and learn about the positive impact that meditation can have on student success.
Time Management Tuesday: Managing time in an efficient manner can be the key to success for any long-term goal. Each Tuesday, students can look forward to learning different strategies for time management supported by statistics that suggest increased productivity for those that practice time management. 
Workout Wednesday: No gym membership, no problem! Each Wednesday, learn different methods of exercise that can be done in a residence hall room without the use of gym equipment.
Tasty Thursday: Do you love to eat but don’t know how to cook? Find new recipes every Thursday that consists of basic, easily accessible ingredients that would be easy for a college student to have on hand or go pick up from the store. 
Financial Literacy Friday: Want to be a millionaire? Start by learning how to manage your finances with new tips every Friday. Implementing beneficial money habits now will set yourself up for financial success in the future. 
Study Saturday: Study smart not hard. Each Saturday, discover a new tip about different studying methods and learning styles while also learning about academic resources on campus such as CLAS and Academic Advising. 
Check out the Gaucho’s Guide to Life on the DigiKnow digital screens. So you never miss a tip, you can also see them in the DigiKnow archives along with all the other ads. 
By Siana Villaverde