Fun Food Facts

April 24, 2019
Food and beverages are in our DNA, and we are ready to bring it! 
Serving students, faculty, staff and visitors across our various venues, from our convenience stores, food-operating outlets, dining commons and other locations, we play an important role in their campus experience by fueling hungry stomachs. Let's look at some incredible consumption facts from earlier this year.
In the month of January:
  • The Dining Commons brewed 1,095 pounds of coffee.
  • Campus Dining Retail sold 28,956 cups of coffee and tea to campus. 
  • Consumers enjoyed a total of 13,672 cups of coffee and tea from Starbucks.
  • Patrons of the Dining Commons consumed 2,220 gallons of organic milk.
  • Campus Dining Retail’s central kitchen prepared 8,288 sandwiches.
  • Made from scratch and baked fresh, 24,999 cookies were eaten by diners in the Dining Commons.
  • The Soup Guy prepared from scratch 3,806 servings of soup for hungry customers. 
  • The Dining Commons used 46,440 cage-free eggs in its recipes.
  • Campus Dining Retail had 257,743 guest transactions for the month! 
In the month of February:
  • The Arbor processed 8,100 EBT (Electronic Benefit Transfer) transactions, equating to $52,820 in sales.
  • Eating “green,” diners at the Dining Commons consumed 3,409 pounds of spinach and spring mix lettuce.
  • Root 217 prepared and sold 2,094 burgers to hungry customers. 
  • The Dining Commons purchased 5,776 pounds of carrots.
  • Campus Dining Retail’s central kitchen baked 6,144 delicious cookies.
  • Campus had its caffeine fix with 22,139 Yerba Mate drinks sold at our Campus Dining Retail stores and cafés.
  • Gauchos like it spicy, consuming 103,680 teaspoons of hot sauce from the Dining Commons.
  • Being sustainable, Campus Dining Retail served 1,067 servings of chicken-less chicken.
  • Patrons ate 119,724 tortillas from the Dining Commons.
Some impressive facts, showing our commitment to feeding our campus community! See you at our doors.
By Marisol Gomez