Exciting News in the Resident Placement & Assignment Services World!

December 17, 2015

Room Retention, Self Assignments & More!

The 2016-17 UCSB Housing Contract will be available starting in January 2016, and there are some exciting new changes being implemented. If a student likes where they currently live, they can stay there! They’ll have four days to claim the same space for next year, and then their space will become available for general room selection for other students. This means that starting next year, any undergraduate student can live in any residence hall. For example, if they want to stay in their ocean view room in Santa Cruz for their second year, they can. Or, if they never got to experience resort-style living at Santa Catalina during their first year, they can live there as a sophomore, junior or senior! Freshmen-only residence halls will be a thing of the past in 2016-17.

Also new for 2016-17 is the self-assignment process for the residence halls and apartments, whereby a student will be able to pick their own building and room online, book the space themselves, and then sign their housing contract. This means that students will know in January exactly where they’ll be living for Fall 2016 and they will not have to wait for a room assignment to arrive in the summer.

Assignments is also busy adding more inventory to the Residential Management System database with the opening of some of the San Joaquin apartments for Fall 2016. 312 spaces will be available during general room selection in January for undergraduate students to move into in Fall 2016, and more spaces will open in Winter 2017. To make sure the new apartments opening in winter are occupied, students are being offered one month of free rent to live in the Santa Ynez 400s for Fall 2016 before relocating to San Joaquin apartments for Winter 2017. After the move, the Santa Ynez 400s will undergo renovations.

We will also be offering tours of Manzanita Village, San Rafael Hall, and some of the undergraduate apartments on January 7 and 13. Keep your eye on DigiKnow and our social media channels for tour times and updated information throughout the 2016-2017 housing contract process and make sure to share it with your students! There's also a lot of information on the Continuing Undergraduate Student contract page if you have any questions.

-Jessica Fougere & Julie Levangie