Comings & Goings

December 12, 2015

WELCOME: Martin Perez, Cook, Carrillo…Nikita Corbliss, Assistant Catering Chef…Adrian Terrazas Aguirre, Sr. Custodian, Residential Operations…Amy Boyle, Lead Administrative Services Coordinator, Residential & Community Living… Adolfo Figueroa Castillo, Assistant Cook, Ortega…Ashley Monser, Project Manager, Residential Operations...and Victoriano Patino Jr., Sr Food Service Worker, Portola.   
TRANSITIONS: Danny Candia & James Mullen were both promoted to Skilled Trades Mechanics…Isaias Guerrero was promoted to Automotive Technician…and Ko Kashiwazaki has accepted a position as a police trainee with the UCSB Police Department. Congratulations everyone!          

FAREWELL: Brian Douglas Hamilton, Cook, Carrillo.