Comings & Goings

June 20, 2016

WELCOME: Ross Derer, Principal Electronics Technician, Residential Operations… Alberto Perez, Front House Personnel Supervisor, Carrillo Dining Commons…German Cuevas & Salvadore Rodriguez, Cooks, De La Guerra Dining Commons…Jackie Zintel, Rental Services Coordinator, Community Housing Office…Leo Ayala, Conduct Officer, Residential & Community Living…and Indras Govender, Food & Beverage Manager, The Club.

TRANSITIONS: Shelly Vargas has been promoted to Residence Hall Manager.

FAREWELL: Sunny Reiner, End User Support Manager…Joell Emoto & Patricia Hunt, Resident Directors…Violeta Tafoya, Sr Custodian…Morgan Hayes-Vinson, Anne Sawiris, Kendall Nishibayashi, Jaclyn Hawkins, Kai Harper, Alexia Enriquez, Julia Anderson, Christian Hernandez, & Shantel Dickerson, Assistant Resident Directors…and Bradley Hughes accepted a promotion in Facilities Management.

RETIREES: Julio Pelaez, Ortega Dining Commons…Dale Pearson, Business & Financial Planning…DiAnne Voorhees, Residential & Community Living…Scott Suttner, Mario Jimenez & Domingo Garcia, Residential Operations…and Maddy Bascom, Special Events Catering.