Comings & Goings

September 26, 2016

WELCOME: David Sanders, Database and Reservation Manager, Conference Services...Kevin Claiborne, Student Leadership Programs Advisor, Residential & Community Living...Jessie Long, Rental Services Coordinator, Community Housing Office...Fermin Calleros, Zachary Galván, Steffi Huynh, Sandi Isozaki, John Pavia, Oscar Ramirez, Cierra Russell, Paul Tadross, & Amanda Zachwieja, Assistant Resident Directors, Residential & Community Living...Jose Gamez & Grovinya "Sweets" Underwood, Assistant Complex Coordinators, Residential & Community Living...Scott Gove & Christopher Young, Complex Coordinators, Residential & Community Living...Ashley Claiborne, Derek Finke, & Morris Hutchins, Resident Directors, Residential & Community Living...Joan Ferrer Martinez & Adrian Scott, Sr. Custodians, Carrillo Dining Commons...Arlene Contreras, Alejandro Rodriguez, & Pedro Vences, Sr. Custodians, Residential Operations...Danny Diaz, Plumber, Residential Operations...Scott Missman, Associate Director, End User Support Group, Information Technology...Gina Gonzales, Placement Services Manager, Residential & Community Living...Cuong Chi Phung, Cook, Portola Dining Commons, and Dusty Cooper, Sr. Executive Chef.     

TRANSITIONS: Bryan Aceves has been promoted to Assistant Production Manager at Carrillo Dining Commons...Mario Jimenez Jr. has been promoted to Assistant Residence Hall Manager, Residential Operations...Fern Lightfoot has been promoted to Special Events Catering Manager...Luis Andrade has been promoted to Placement Services Coordinator in Residential & Community Living...Jorge Chavira, Susana Contreras & Arturo Ortiz have been promoted to Lead Laborers in Residential Operations...Martin Valdez has been promoted to Principal Cook in Ortega Dining Commons...Emilio Zamorano has been promoted to Application Support Specialist in Information Technology...Martin Schneider has been promoted to General Manager of Portola Dining Commons...and Jose Arroyo has been promoted to Lead Irrigation Specialist, Grounds.

FAREWELL: Melissa Cordial, Office Manager, Carrillo Dining Commons...Feras Maidaa, Health Advocate Assistant, Residential Operations...Felicty Julienne Larmour, Special Events Catering Supervisor...Rob Donerson, Assistant Director, Residential & Community Living...Isaiah Green, Resident Director, Residential & Community Living...Mayra Ramos, Complex Coordinator, Family Student Housing...Stephen Kearns, Principal Food Service Supervisor, Ortega Dining Commons...Gloria Ortega, Sr. Custodian, Residential Operations...and Rose Contreras, Placement Services Coordinator, Residential & Community Living.