Comings & Goings

February 13, 2020

WELCOME: Bianca Arce, Customer Service Coordinator, Operations Service Center…Chiara DiMarco, Administrative Manager, Campus Dining…Anthony Lomeli, Senior Parking Representative, Transportation & Parking Services…Juvel Gonzalez, Senior Custodian, Residential Operations…Madalyn Mender, Baker, Portola Dining Commons...Alexandra Litwiler, Business Systems Developer, Administrative & Residential Information Technology...Paul Diaz, Sr. Storekeeper, De La Guerra Dining Commons...Karla Burris, Program Manager, Residential Operations...Carlos Martinez, Principal Baker, Ortega Dining Commons...and Brandon Johnson has returned as Resident Director of Santa Catalina South Tower.

TRANSITIONS: Toni Warren has been promoted to Office Manager, De La Guerra Dining Commons…Jose Ayon-Nevarez has been promoted to Manager of The Arbor, Retail Dining…Vasilios Inembolidis has been promoted to Business Systems Developer, Administrative & Residential Information Technology…Pablo Rangel Pureco has been promoted to Guest Services Coordinator, Transportation & Parking Services…and, Megan Yoskowitz has been promoted to Special Events Catering Manager, Residential Dining.

FAREWELL: Morris Hutchins, Resident Director of Santa Catalina…Felipe Mireles, Sr. Baker at Portola Dining Commons...and, Mickael Blancho, Production Manager in Retail Dining (aka the original Soup Guy).