Comings & Goings

March 4, 2019
WELCOME: Carla Ruiz, Sr. Custodian at San Clemente Villages, Residential Operations…Tiffini Lopez, Cook, Carrillo Dining Commons…Diana Ballesteros, Manager, UCen Meetings & Events…Ernesto Gil, Sr. Custodian, Carrillo Dining Commons...Kolby Wolfcale, HVAC Mechanic, Residential Operations…and Isaac Cadenas, Cook, De la Guerra Dining Commons.       
TRANSITIONS: Denisse Santana, promoted to Business Systems Analyst to support WEB TMA…Deborah Klein, promoted to Event Manager for UCen Food Service…Tom Spiva, promoted to Manager of Systems and Operations, Residential & Community Living...Julia Choi transferred from Apartments Financial Assistant to Residence Halls Financial Assistant in Residential & Community Living...and Ismael Carranza has been promoted to Superintendent of Maintenance Services.
FAREWELL: Sally Vito, Director, Conference & Hospitality Services, recently retired...Tyler Miller, Assistant Director in Residential & Community Living, left in January to accept a position in New York...and Danny Wallis, Sr. Custodian for Residential Operations, accepted another position.